We’re delighted you’re available to work at the upcoming Dodge for a Cause dodgeball tournament fundraiser. Thank you so much for signing up!

Dodge for a Cause fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of SLO County
Friday, October 20

Meet in the lobby at 5:00pm – that might require arriving in the parking lot by 4:50pm to give you time to walk to the club (see Parking below).

Avila Bay Athletic Club & Spa
6699 Bay Laurel Place, Avila Beach

Since we’re not allowed to park at the actual venue, please park in the Woodstone Marketplace lot that’s on the left as you turn off San Luis Bay Drive into Laurel Place (it’s the first building on the left – 6675 Bay Laurel Place). They have a little lot to the left of their store. If you need to drop off a lot of items, please drive down Bay Laurel Place to Avila Bay Athletic Club & Spa, drop off the items, and return to the lot at Woodstone Marketplace.

Please keep my contact information – Caity McCardell, caity@SLObigs.org, 805-540-1926 – if anything comes up that you need to contact me about.


Entrance Greeters: Karen, Nicole 
Stand at door to the club and guide them to the exit door toward the stairs that lead to the quad with registration desk.

Check-in: Dawn, Diana, Michael (TABLE IN QUAD)
Welcome everyone, sign them in (check the box next to their name), put green wrist band on players, give them to Larissa if they haven’t filled out waiver. “Please check out the taco bar ticket table here and the raffle table is upstairs on the deck.”

Check-in assist: Clarissa, Larissa, Lily
Clarissa – I need you at Court Monitor (see below)
Larissa – Waiver forms and direct that traffic with clipboards, pens, etc. Tell registration when waiver is signed
Lily – Hands out swag with Emily below

Taco Bar Sales: Hank Opalinski, Alan Brand, Bernardo (TABLE IN QUAD)

Swag Table: (TABLE IN QUAD)
Emily Opalinki

Raffle table: Jake Bailey, Lisa Brouse, Lisa Campell (TABLE ON DECK)
Teresa, please arrive by 4:30 to set up the raffle table. Bring your computer; Caity will have Qgiv swipers, raffle tickets, pens, signage.

Raffle Promoters:
Dawn, Diana, Michael – please see what’s needed here – promotion of raffle around the venue, distribution of swag, help with general needs.
“Hi! Have you seen the awesome raffle prizes? Tickets are only $5 for 1 and $20 for 5! Your donation helps support the work I do…”

Raffle coordinator: Teresa
Promote raffle and announce raffle winners using Oli’s mic. Give raffle winners their prizes. There are 4 raffle prize sections. See the bracket for the schedule so you know when to have the raffle items ready.

Water stations: Frank
Keep the 3 coolers full of bottled water.

Teams Who Lose Gift Coordinator: Frank (TABLE IN QUAD OR ON DECK)
Stand at the gift table downstairs at the courts to give out little gold coin purses to those who lose.

Referees: CJ, Chris, Madi, Marina, Nick White, Stefan
First Game of Match:DJ will blow air horn at start of matchUse your phone to time 3 minutes – the game is over when one side is out or three minutes have elapsed. Blow your whistle 3 timesThen time 30 seconds break while your monitor and the teams put the 6 balls in the centerSecond Game of Match:Blow your whistle 1 long time for the start of the 2nd gameTime 3 minutes (or one side out), blow your whistle 3 times for end of 2nd gameTime 30 seconds, blow your whistle 1 long time for start of 3rd gameThird Game of Match (IF THE TWO TEAMS ARE TIED – IF ONE TEAM WON BOTH GAMES, THE MATCH IS OVER):Blow your whistle 1 long time for the start of the 3rd gameTime 3 minutes (or one side out), blow your whistle 3 times for end of 3nd gameAt this point, there is an 8-minute break until the next match begins.

Bracket monitors: Nicole and Stefan
Document winners/losers on bracket, communicate with DJ Oli

Court monitors: Clarissa, Katherine, Laura, Madisyn, Steve
Stand at courts at 5:45 to check attendee shoes to make sure they are white soled – or if they’re not white soled won’t mark up the courts; throughout night make sure the wins/losses are being communicated; support referees and bracket managers.

Steve: monitors 02 & 03
Madisyn: monitors 04
Laura: monitors 05
Katherine: monitors 06
Clarissa: monitors 07

Give winners give their medals and other prizes, gather for photos: CJ (1st place), Marina (2nd place) Diana (3rd place), Madi (Best Dressed) (NEED TABLE BY COURTS)
You’ll have a small table downstairs by the courts, and you’ll make sure winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd place) and best costume get acknowledged and photographed – critical!

(DJ: “losers please see the prize table in the quad for your sweet consolation prize.”)

Parking Monitor: Aleah, Kelly
Be very outgoing and welcoming; hang out in the parking lot where the shuttle drives back and forth (Bellevue Charter School – 1401 San Luis Bay Dr, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405), making sure drivers behave. The principal of the school requires that drivers be monitored to make sure they’re not hitting fences or parking badly. Additionally these volunteers give programs to each person that gets on the shuttle. This is a critical role making sure the school is happy with the fact that they let us use their lot. If people run into the property at the school, we need to make that right; and if they leave trash, you’ll be there to pick it up. We want the school to welcome us back next year, and you’ll be the ones to enable that.

DJ Scripts: Oli
“Losers (?) please see the prize table for your sweet consolation (?) prize.”
“3 minutes until it’s time to play. Get to your court and take your places, please!”
“3, 2, 1” (ref whistles blow)
“If you’ve lost for the night, please see Frank downstairs at the gift table for your prize.” (or something like that)

Thank you, all! Contact Caity at 805-540-1926 with questions